Extra-curricular programmes

Our ELASTikids programmes are modern and effective courses for schools

Our Young Scientist programme can run extensively over the academic year or intensively in summer. Each week, children work on a different project and experiment, consolidating the content they learn in science during the academic year. Whether learning about photosynthesis by building a biodome or learning about volcanoes by making one, they will learn through those “ah-ha!” moments when they see their experiments working. The classes are in English, and because the methodology is CLIL this programme is suitable for children with a basic level of English, up to native speakers. All materials are designed by experienced consultants

Whether we are designing courses around science, art, or general English,  ELASTiC ensures engagement and inclusiveness through project-based learning. From storytelling projects to building ecosystems, young learners will benefit from a course designed on modern educational principles, and delivered by properly qualified and experienced teachers.

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