Working together to improve education for all

As the official service provider in Spain for Trinity College of London, we deliver teacher training workshops all around the country. Since 2016 we have helped teachers with fostering creativity in ELT, working with experimental practice in CLIL, engaging students through Project-based learning and many more. This collaboration with Trinity and Excellence in Education has helped us reach and touch the heart of education in Spain; helping to improve the quality of learning for thousands of students across the country

With Fundació Pere tarres, we were given the opportunity to deliver our Young Scientist Programme to students who could not otherwise access it. This exciting programme, through which young learners develop interactional skills in English and an understanding of key concepts in science through CLIL and project-based methodology, is a big hit! We are now expanding the programme across Barcelona with FPT and the help of a growing network of volunteer teachers to reach ever more children at risk of social exclusion.

Escola Virolai and Reina Elisenda are forward-thinking schools at the forefront of teacher development in Catalunya. ELASTiC has designed a course in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) to help their teachers expand their use of the language within the context of teaching. We have also designed and are running their extra-curricular English programme for children aged 9-17 with a focus on the high-quality, student-centred communicative approach we are known for.

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