FUNDAE funding: do you know that your company probably has a “bolsa” of training funds to use for your employees by the end of the year?  We can let you know how much is in your ‘bolsa’, and help you access it.  So don’t delay in contacting us, if you’re interested in finding out more about subsidized top-quality training.

Fall 2020: Professional English courses paid for by FUNDAE


Now that our kids are back to school (and fingers crossed they can stay there!), it’s time to do something good for you and/or your staff: English courses paid for by FUNDAE!  ELASTiC is an official Entidad Organizadora of FUNDAE.  This means that we not only design and teach the top-quality courses below, but we can also help you pay for them too!

We offer English-language fluency courses in both Zoom online format and in-person format, in three modes below.  Our courses not only helop you work better in English, but many clients have told us that, in covid-times, they provide a useful social, teamworking function as well!

  •  Regular weekly classes,  1-to-1 format for Executives, or
  •  Regular weekly classes in small-group format for your staff. 
  •  One-time weekend/8-hour skills courses for you and your staff: e.g., Presenting Better in Zoom in English.  These are best done over two days, as half-day courses.

These weekly classes are focused on development of skills needed to work better, such as fluency- and listening-development, better pronunciation, and optionally, skills development in such work skills as giving presentations or in writing emails.  We do this currently in both Spanish and English for such varied clients as CaixaBank, Garrigues, CDM, Pierce, and SomEnergia.

Our 2-day Skills Training courses (8-, 10- or 12-hour modules), are usually done over two days, such as a Friday-Saturday, or Friday and Monday, 2 half-days.  Our most popular courses are  Presentation Skills or Working in a Multicultural Team, and have done these recently both in Barcelona and abroad; for more info, go to our website here:

As always, our courses are made-to-order, adapted for your needs and context, and include level testing, course design, and delivery by teachers with advanced degrees and more than 10 years of experience, reflecting the top-experience you have come to expect from our ESADE origins.

If you’re interested, don’t be shy to contact us: or at your ELASTiC Socio’s email address too, or leave a message by phone or whatsapp to 638 485 943.

professional language training


Quality guarantee

ELASTiC trainers design a course around you, not around a book. With many years of classroom experience and extensive professional development, our trainers know how best to help you reach your objectives.

Business experience

We work with businesses all over Spain, and understand your world. Develop your language skills around the themes and topics that matter to you, with practical objectives and frequent feedback.

Subsidized training

ELASTiC is officially authorised to help companies deliver training with FUNDAE (Fundació Tripartita) and can take care of all the administrative requirements to access and run the course.