English for Medical Professionals


Medical Writing

ELASTiC offer courses in writing medical articles, understanding medical texts in English to improve research skills and also in writing and revising academic papers. From case studies and articles to Randomized control trials and systematic research papers, ELASTiC can help you to improve structure, vocabulary, coherence and presentation with personalised support.


Medical Presentations

We can help you design your slides or poster for medical conferences, and support you in the best way to communicate your ideas to the audience. We can work with you on anything from intonation and pronunciation, use of body language, overcoming nerves and techniques to really connect with the audience.


Medical English

For general improvement of level and language control, we recommend a course in medical English. The objectives are designed to meet the needs of your staff, and contextualised by your own fields of interest. Improve your level while discussing and analysing the topics and themes which are important to your profession.