Driving your business forward

When Mediapro contacted us to design a student-centred course in professional presentation skills for their in-house legal and technical staff, ELASTiC designed a 20-hour course to meet their objectives. Each session included not only an instructional phase which focused on areas such as interacting with visuals, use of voice and body and structuring content, but also an opportunity practice a pre-planned presentation. Each participant was provided with peer feedback, given a video recording of their talk and also sent written feedback from our trainers. The final presentations at the end of the course demonstrated a great deal of progress, and the peer feedback system throughout ensured a supportive team environment which encouraged colleagues to overcome nerves.

ELASTiC worked with two of Swarovski´s top managers in Spain, supporting them in their objectives to reach a more confident level of expression in professional English. With extensive work on interactional skills, accuracy, pronunciation and clarity, structuring ideas and listening actively, our clients were able to implement these skills immediately to grow their executive presence and communicative efficacy. One of these clients was subsequently promoted to a more international role, and we wish them all the very best.

With Air BnB, ELASTiC worked together with the Community Outreach staff who had been hired on an 18-month project to build trust with the communities. They asked for our help to communicate in a more professional way with their managers, all of whom are native-speakers from the US, for meetings, conference calls, and for holding their numerous multi-nationality events.